Savor Good turns one!

Savor Good

Celebratory Trader Joe’s mini pumpkin pie

Happy one year anniversary to Savor Good!

A year ago today, this blog launched the same day that I attended Bonnie Tsang’s fun and insightful Visual Media Workshop at Poketo Flagship. Since then, I’ve had the honor of interviewing some amazing, inspiring, and incredibly talented individuals. The stories have become more in-depth along the way. My hope is that Savor Good will continue to provoke you to discover and appreciate the unique stories of people around you, embrace the good found in every moment, and to share with others.

To those who have been along for the journey thus far – THANK YOU for your presence and priceless support, and to those who are new, I’m so glad you’re here and hope you’ll stick around!

Here are inspiring quotes from some of the phenomenal individuals that have been featured on the blog this past year. Enjoy! –Courtney

Lilly Tokuyama of Share & Do Good
“Where a lot of doors close, as I look back, I can see that was the direction I wasn’t supposed to go in. If this is really what you’re supposed to do, it will happen.” –Lilly Tokuyama of Share & Do Good

olivia lin of atiliay

Photo courtesy of Atiliay

“Don’t be afraid to work hard and know that it is hard. If you really want to do something and put your mind to it, I really feel like – as cliché as it sounds – you can do it and you can make it happen.” –Olivia Lin of Atiliay

Photo courtesy of Ayara Thai

Photo courtesy of Ayara Thai

“We all grow together. I’ve learned over the years – why not call on the contacts I’ve made and ask for help? Don’t think that means you’re incompetent. Knowing your weakness and facing it, being humble about it has been a big thing.” –Vanda Asapahu of Ayara Thai

David Oyelowo and Jessica Oyelowo
“Character takes time to build. If your talent takes you where your character cannot keep you, you will fall.” –actors David and Jessica Oyelowo

Photo courtesy of Philz Coffee

Photo courtesy of Philz Coffee

“That’s how I see life. We all have different opinions. Spread the love. Don’t be shy.” –Phil Jaber of Philz Coffee

Marika Reppas of Love, Meeksie

Photo courtesy of Love, Meeksie

“Keep it fun. Don’t stress out. I started my business because I loved doing it. You have to put in a tremendous amount of time. Don’t do it if you’re not enjoying it.” –Marika Reppas of Love, Meeksie

Merrin Mae Fuentebella

Photo courtesy of Merrin Mae Fuentebella

“I’ve learned not to limit myself to just being a restaurant chef, although that is my home.” –Merrin Mae Fuentebella, Food Network Cutthroat Kitchen winner

Naomi Hirahara

Photo courtesy of Naomi Hirahara

“It’s kind of good to have struggled with it from the very beginning and understand what motivates me. Is it fame? Money? Or is it a need to tell a story? I think that focus really helps. Sometimes, if people are successful off the bat, they’re always looking for success.” –mystery writer Naomi Hirahara

Photo courtesy of Lynn Chen

Photo courtesy of Lynn Chen

“I found that when I can fully feel pain, it loses its power because I discover I’m still able to get out of bed the next day and if I’m not, that’s ok. Eventually it dissipates and it allows me to feel the opposite much more fully because I no longer dull pain with food, drugs, alcohol or anything else.” –actor Lynn Chen


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